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A sauna is a basic need. Food, water, shelter. (The sauna was the first shelter built on many Scandinavian immigrant homesteads). Our journey in craftsmanship began at the tender age of 8, working alongside my father. Rooted in a lineage of Finnish artisans spanning four generations, our family’s legacy in carpentry and creativity has its origins just after the Finnish War with Russia.

A unique chapter in our history unfolds with my grandfather, who ingeniously repurposed Finnish soldiers’ uniforms into yarn, crafting clothing that echoed a rich narrative. This resourcefulness and artistic spirit have been passed down through generations, embedded in our blood.

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From my grandpa’s dual role as a cleaner and woodworker to my father’s mastery in custom sign making, billboards, branding, and the ability to build anything, I absorbed a wealth of skills. My passion lies in one-of-a-kind projects, drawing inspiration from Finnish traditions of creating saunas out of whatever was available — a practice rooted in resourcefulness and creativity.

Our own sauna is a testament to this ethos, a 120-year-old milkshed infused with history. It boasts beams from an old schoolhouse, benches, and stones from Canada, where my wife grew up. While the demand for saunas has surged, we strive to maintain authenticity, even converting shipping containers into unique sauna experiences.

Believing in the transformative power of saunas, akin to a trillion-dollar industry if it were a medication, we aim to make this wellness tradition accessible. There’s a 40% decrease in all-cause mortality associated with sauna use — a fact underscored by enthusiasts like Joe Rogan.

Our commitment extends to education, debunking myths, and demystifying the exorbitant prices set by some in the industry. We find it disheartening when people are taken advantage of, and our mission is to provide stunning outdoor units without inflating costs.

We continue to push boundaries, seeking ways to produce more efficiently and bring the sauna experience to a broader audience. Our journey into the union and subsequent venture at the age of 30 marks a commitment to craftsmanship, authenticity, and a dedication to enhancing well-being for all.

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service sauna restoration and repairs

Sauna Restorations

Our sauna repair services blend tradition with eco-friendly innovation, ensuring your sauna is both sustainable and serene.

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service sauna installations

Sauna Installations

We specialize in sauna installation, crafting custom, comforting retreats that resonate with relaxation and wellness.

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service millwork


Our custom millwork expertise transforms spaces with bespoke cabinetry, mantels, and architectural details that reflect your unique style.

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service stair repairs and installation

Stair Services

We excel in custom stairs, offering both repair and installation services to enhance the elegance and safety of your home.

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